Place of the little hills

A wonderful stay at Homolovi State Park!  Much more often than not State and Federal parks are great locations to visit and to stay.  Well maintained, helpful staff and volunteers, clean and in locations of significance.


After a nice hot shower, a good dinner, and then some time spent looking up at the stars and Milky Way; Momma Kitty and I had a wonderful night sleep.  In the morning a hearty breakfast was had and I then decided to walk the mile from the campground to the park office.


Sign at the campground


Coyote track




High grassland


There is s small interpretive center at the park office.  Not a lot of things, but still a nice 20’x20′ space that outlines the area’s history.  In keeping with the times the section of the building that is the ‘store’ is larger than provided for historical display.


Petroglyph at the Welcome Center’s entry door.




A shallow valley north of the Welcome Center.

After an nice mile hike back to the camper I broke camp and drove to one of the archaeological sites, Homolovi I –


My executive summary on Homolovi State Park –

  • close access, a couple of miles, from I-40 if you are traveling by.
  • nice campground and you can reserve a site online. NOTE: can be windy and will be VERY cold in the winter and VERY hot in the summer.
  • enjoyable hiking trails.
  • some historical information at the archaeological sites and interpretive center – don’t expect in-depth detail; but it does give one the perspective that this land was peopled way before Columbus crossed the Atlantic.  The most informative location to visit is the Homolovi II site (I didn’t visit this site, I visited Homolovi I).
  • cell phone coverage is great.
  • amazing stars as there is little light pollution in the area.

Here is the link to the official AZ State Parks site –

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