West to Arizona

I’ll now catch up on my trip to Arizona.  Here I begin after leaving Albuquerque, NM


Momma Kitty and Dave headed to Arizona!

Driving west on Interstate 40 out of Albuquerque into Arizona the weather went from cold, to rain, to snow, to rain and then a low-cloud mid-40s.  Temperature changes in this high country are always interesting to watch and experience.

A tanker truck, hauling oil I believe, was in the meridian about 75 miles west of Albuquerque.  The tractor was crunched up and the tanker was leaking oil.  As I drove by the oil was being pumped into another tanker and a large earth mover had arrived to build an earth dam to keep the oil from hitting water.  There were a good number of vehicles in the ditch before and after this wreck; in addition to evidence of muddy tracks where folks has gone off the road and got themselves, or been pulled, out of trouble.  Folks caught in last night’s snow … driving too fast for the conditions.


Snow along Interstate 40, New Mexico.


I’ve pulled into Homolovi State Park, AZ, for the night.  This time of year the campground isn’t busy and excluding two camp hosts there are four others camping in their RVs.  I’m the only truck camper.  This is high flatland with little water, a few planted trees near each campsite, and lots of scrub brush.  The wind isn’t blowing that hard, for this area, only in the mid-teens.  When I arrive the truck stated it was 43.  Tonight it is forecast to fall into the low 30s.

You can see the Interstate from the campground.  I have great cellphone and cell data coverage.  Looking to the south can see lights and power lines.  To the north it does seem like you are ‘away from it all’.  Part of finding happiness is attitude … I choose to look north.

To save $5 I’ve chosen a spot with no electricity.  I’m not a far walk from the bath house and will take advantage of a hot shower (I hope) before leaving.


Homolovi is next to Winslow, AZ, about half way between Petrified Forest National Park and Flagstaff, just over a mile north of I-40.

There is an interpretive center that I will visit in the morning (again, before leaving).  Maybe I’ll walk instead of drive?

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