Curlew National Grassland Campground

I’ve stopped at Curlew Campground in the Curlew National Grassland a couple of times.  Located north of Snowville, UT, by about ten miles.  (The actual ‘closest place is near Stone, ID; but Snowville is where you get off of I-84.)

The campground itself is on a small lake (Stone Reservoir), has mostly level sites with a few trees with shade/rain buildings with a picnic table.  The pit toilets are in good condition.  There is no drinking water available.  This location can be very windy so be prepared.


Flat grassland of the Idaho high country.

There are some farms around but not much else so the night sky is amazing.

I’m not sure what is happening with the campground management.  The signboards were completely vacant of any information – not ripped down but cleanly taken off.  There is a entrance sign, and the pay station.  There were no envelopes to pay the camping fee and the only sign at the pay station referenced the State of Idaho providing funds to support the location.  It seemed like the USFS has ‘pulled out’.  Strange.


A great sunrise.

The USFS’s www-site states many contradictory things: campground open all year, campground opens in May, if you wish to visit prior to May you need to contact the ranger for ‘details on registration’, and the lake is open for boating (it isn’t).

When I arrived for this most recent visit there were two other campers in large 5th-wheels.  Neither was the camp host.  One camper left a few hours after I arrived.

Stone Reservoir is closed to boating.  The Forest Service site and other www-sites discussing the lake are all, it seems, incorrect and haven’t been updated to reflect the lake’s closure.  There is a gate across the ramp and a small sign stating no boating because of zebra and quagga mussels – I read this to mean worried that the lake will become infected not that it is infected.  Looking in the water and at the small dock floating away from the ramp there were no evidence of mussels.


Stone Reservoir the campsites on the shore.

To get to Curlew drive north out of Snowville on Stone Road.  At 10 miles you reach a hard right turn in the two-lane highway.  Just after this turn the entrance road is on the left (there isn’t a large sign so keep a close eye).  Drive down the gravel road abit 1/3-mile and you come to the camp.


The campground’s sign – this sign is at the campground, NOT where you turn off of Stone Road coming north from Snowville.

I like this location for the quiet and lack of light pollution.  As it is Forest Service (maybe, see above) the camping charge is modist. A good stop if you are fine with driving a short distance from the I and are self contained.

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