more adventures coming

Since 1 May ’18 I’ve been living aboard and cruising on my two boat, SWEET PEA & SWALLOW, around the Salish Sea from Olympia, WA, north though the Gulf Islands, CN.  Come January I’ll be moving back into the truck camper for some land traveling.

Currently I’m sitting at a Toyota dealer having the truck serviced: oil & filter, tires rotated, general check.  The Tundra has been sitting these past many months with occasional short drives when I happen to visit where she is stored.

The camper’s forward softwall windows continue to leak.  I found the bed soaking wet in July.  After drying things out, it was fairly fast as July was warm and dry around Seattle, I parking differently having the front of the truck sitting higher than the back. When I checked a few days ago it was only a little damp.  This window thing is a pain and really frustrating.  I’ll be in Colorado in a few months and may drop by Outfitter Mfg. to see about a fix.

2 thoughts on “more adventures coming

  1. Love your blog!
    Just a couple of questions about the Outfitter .
    How is it holding up over the years? I am considering buying a Caribou Lite also. Not looking for perfection just want something reliable and somewhat low Maintenace.
    I know even the Four Wheel Campers Leak over the years into the front of cab over wind will push in rainwater when traveling.


    • Brian:

      Sorry for taking so long to respond.

      I would give Outfitter a ‘C’ to ‘C-‘ grade. After about 18-24 months there have been many things that I’ve been frustrated with. The #1 is the leaking soft-sidewall windows. My expectations are high … and after 17+ years owning a Roamin Chariot popup I guess I expected that since it didn’t ever lead the same would happen with the Caribou Lite.

      The other issues:

      the fridge is now unable to keep a temp at less that 20degress below outside temps. This is a problem once it gets about 60-65 degrees. It has never been reliable in staying lit when the camper is moving. Running on 12V was never much of an option as it draws 12+ amps per hour … and now doesn’t work. I plan to replace the fridge with a 12V compressor version and increase the solar panel size.

      the forward over-bed vent failed. the very very cheap plastic and pot-metal gearbox stripped out so it will not stay closed nor can it be opened. I’ve strapped it closed and at some point will replace.

      the water pump & water faucet failed. I replaced them in late February 2020.

      the door prop, holder that keeps the camper door open, failed years ago. I replaced it in late Feb. ’20

      the light over the stove and vanity was miss-installed and the lens was crushed by the roof lifting mechanism. I moved the light fixture and replaced the lens – just poor workmanship in placement.

      the external sidewalls have delaminated from the frame & insulation so you can see many unsightly bulges. This is a failure in the vacuum bagging during assembly.

      the window in the door leaks when driving in heavy rain (water being ‘sucked’ into the back of the camper in the slipstream). i’ve not taken the door apart to see how i can effectively seal the window.

      i’m sure i’ve missed a couple of failings. i knew i was buying a much cheaper camper – 1/2 the price of a equally equipped 4-Wheel – so I didn’t expect perfection,

      again sorry for taking so long to answer your questions.


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