more adventures coming

Since 1 May ’18 I’ve been living aboard and cruising on my two boat, SWEET PEA & SWALLOW, around the Salish Sea from Olympia, WA, north though the Gulf Islands, CN.  Come January I’ll be moving back into the truck camper for some land traveling.

Currently I’m sitting at a Toyota dealer having the truck serviced: oil & filter, tires rotated, general check.  The Tundra has been sitting these past many months with occasional short drives when I happen to visit where she is stored.

The camper’s forward softwall windows continue to leak.  I found the bed soaking wet in July.  After drying things out, it was fairly fast as July was warm and dry around Seattle, I parking differently having the front of the truck sitting higher than the back. When I checked a few days ago it was only a little damp.  This window thing is a pain and really frustrating.  I’ll be in Colorado in a few months and may drop by Outfitter Mfg. to see about a fix.


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