Packing list

In order to assure I haven’t forgotten anything I use a packing list.  This isn’t an infallible method to assure all the things needed are loaded into the truck & camper (and when being towed the boat); but much better than trying to do it from memory.

The latest version of ‘the list’ –

  • cash in wallet
  • Pillows & Linen
  • Clothes, long underwear, boat shoes, sandals, boots, shoes, boat boots, clogs, croks, hoodie, jackets, ballcaps
  • laundry det & dryer sheets & quarters
  • bath kit, suntan lotion, toothpaste, hand sanitizer
  • toolbox & trailer bucket
  • cat: boxes, food, grass, scratcher, treats, bowls, mat, toys, litterbox scoop
  • camera & go-pro
  • book, mag, newspaper, kindle, journal, map, charts
  • phone & laptop & iPod & Bose speaker
  • chargers and batts
  • sailing backpack & PFD
  • travel food, fish & vit pills & butter dish & eggs
  • fry pans, cook kit, stove, fuel, nalgenes
  • camper stackers, folding camp chair(s), folding table gray water tank, potti
  • propane, extension cord
  • water, soda, beer
  • chains for truck & trailer
  • outboard motor
  • 3gal & 1 gal cans, fuel treatments
  • license plate, boat/trailer paperwork, boat & trailer keys & locks


When I’m not pulling my sailboat the trailer and boat-related items are not packed.  The snow chains are not packed when I’ll not be traveling in poor weather – though I will pack the chains when I know I’ll be going in areas known for poor roads and mud (tire chains have got me along a muddy road, or ‘almost road’, many a time).

After each trip I note what was packed, used and things that were missed – it is a constant work in progress.

Shreveport, Louisiana

Photo taken at the Shreveport, Louisiana, KOA.


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