Arizona … sunny and dry right?!

I now continue the story of my February ’17 Arizona trip …

The first installments can be read here –

I left Homolovi State Park headed for Lake Pleasant, AZ, to spend time sailing and testing the new Sage 15 and SageCat sailboats and looking to enjoy some warm and sunny days.  The drive was, in general, enjoyable and as the traffic increased, and the ability of people to drive decreased, I headed off the Colorado Plateau on Interstate 17 south of of Flagstaff.


I-40 heading west towards Flagstaff.  Humphreys Peak in the background.

Late afternoon I arrived at the lake and set up camp in the large gravel parking lot surrounding the Lake Pleasant Marina.  This location has a variety of camping options: fancy RV park, less fancy with power and water, some no-hookup rustic locations above the lake along rustic roads, or where I settled – in the large parking lot.  My preference would be ‘rustic’ but I’m towing a boat and others taking part in the Wrinkleboat Ran-Tan will be parking/camping around me making a social ‘compound’.


Camped in the parking lot with the Caribou Lite with the Sage 15 behind.

The next couple of days are wonderful.  Temps during the mid-day are around 70 and it is sunny!  Wind on the Lake Pleasant is light to about 10 knots.  A couple of good sailing days are had!


Wrinkleboat compound grows as participants arrive!

But … the weekend forecast isn’t for ‘Arizona-like’ weather: very high winds and rain … LOTS of rain (and this says something as I grew up in Seattle).

Friday morning starts with light winds that just build through the day.  Friday night the rain begins … and it is not just rain it is RAIN that makes one staying in a camper believe the roof is made of tinfoil.  At times the rain is so heavy I can’t hear the radio.

In the morning the sailboat race is in question.  The parking lot campground is a mud pit. I put on my rain gear and rubber boats to attend the morning captain’s meeting where the racing isn’t canceled!  BUT we are warned if the wind is does grow to a constant 25kts (blowing around 20kts at the time of the meeting with higher gusts), or there is a lighting storm, the morning racing will be canceled.

Well … watch video for the report –

So ended the first 1/2-day of the Wrinkleboat Ran-Tan.

2 thoughts on “Arizona … sunny and dry right?!

  1. Overall, how do you feel about your camper? Reliable? Durable? Any issues? Would a family of 3 fit in it comfortably? What features does yours have?


    • Kim:

      I’m sorry for taking so long to respond. Been busy traveling and work (one in the same).

      Outfitter campers are lower cost. many options come standard. The camper isn’t the best, nor the worse. Like many things one gets what they pay for.

      I don’t recommend a Caribou Lite 6’6″ for a family of three. yes, one could ‘sleep’ three but three cannot be in the camper at the same time. maybe a 8′ or one of the fancier options. without slides truck campers are really one or two person rigs. another consideration is storage … popup campers have very limited storage options. when traveling everything is on the camper floor. when at the camp site everything is on the cab-over bed. when sleeping items go back onto the floor or dinette.

      Outfitter has may ‘standard’ items that are extra on other campers – solar, 110V, fridge, stovetop, furnace, insulated side walls. good features that are, in my option, minimum items. but, Outfitter isn’t the best built … as stated before one gets what one pays for.


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