Right lane dip

A word of warning, this post is a short rant. If you don’t want to read my rant come back another day to see what else I’m up to in my pop up truck camper adventures.

I find that each area of the country has a driving style all its own. In general terms I find that rural areas on the interstate system drivers are polite and in general drivers are following the rules of the road. But that’s not what I’m going to talk about here, I’m going to talk about drivers in the state of California.

In California there seems to be a unwillingness to share the road or to think about how one’s driving behavior is affecting the flow of traffic.  I call this the right lane dip.

In my many travels through California it seems everyone thinks they’re the fastest car on the road. As a result drivers stay in the far left lane even if they are holding up a long line of cars.

 notice the right lane is completely empty while a line of cars, bumper to bumper, stay in the left lane.

notice the right lane is completely empty while a line of cars, bumper to bumper, stay in the left lane.

There seems to be no understanding that you pass in the left lane and then drop back into the right.

The results of this is that drivers wanting to pass dip into the right lane to get around people staying in the left. This causes huge traffic backups would be avoided.  I’ve seen many a close call as a driver just jumped right not realizing there is a slow vehicle in the right lane following the rules.

California limits semi trucks, or someone pulling a trailer, to 55 miles an hour.  You see some heavy duty braking happening as a car traveling 70 miles an hour slows quickly while looking at the at end of a huge trailer.

This right hand dip behavior just seems to make the roads a complete mess in California. As a result CA is my least favorite state to drive in … and I’m not even covering how the state allows motorcycles to ignore lane boundaries, drivers speeding up so people can’t merge into traffic, and the atrocious surface condition of the roadways.

  • Dave

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