Boondock camping

I’m a fan of getting away from campgrounds and getting away from the crowd … even better having no one else around (except Momma Kitty).  I’ve found many good spots for backcountry ‘off the grid’ camping in WA, ID and MT, mostly when I lived near Spokane, WA, in the in the late 1990s.

Nice article by the folks at Truck Camper Magazine (an online publication) about this type of camping. Here are a few snips from the article to give you a taste of the contents –

On BLM [Federal Bureau of Land Management ] lands and in the National Forests you are pretty much allowed to camp anywhere you want. …

BLM camping is even less organized.  Very rarely will there be formal campgrounds on BLM lands.  Most of the time, it’s just land. …

Two good websites are and

Here is the link to the full article –


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