North to Portland

First stop on the way home after attending Cruiser Challenge on Monterey Bay, CA, was San Francisco via HWY 101 to show a Sage 15 to an interested party.  After stopping in downtown I headed east to I-80 to hook up with I-5.


Heading out of San Francisco on the old section of the Bay Bridge.


Fog rolling into San Francisco Bay.  Alcatraz Island can be seen in the far distance, just below the fog bank, over the hood of the white car.


The new section of the Bay Bridge.  Heading east across this bridge there is no toll!


Crossing Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Bridge (aka, Pit River Bridge) over Shasta Lake. Lots more water than when I crossed the lake in Dec ’15.


… and another view of Mt. Shasta.


I stopped for the night in a Walmart parking lot in Yreka, CA.  This was an OK location with a wide mix of folks ‘camping’ for the night: fancy coaches, common RVs and a couple of near broken-down trucks with persons sleeping in the cabs.

Besides wanting to pay nothing to park overnight I choose Yreka for its cool overnight forecast.  If I had stopped for the night in late July heat at a lower elevation I would have experienced a hot and uncomfortable night.  The daytime temps in northern California were in the high 90s and low 100s.

After a fairly quiet night in ‘Wally World’ I woke to a comfortable 70 degrees, made breakfast, and heading north to Portland, OR.


Entering Oregon I stopped to have the boat inspected for invasive species.

Stopping south of Portland to show Sage 15 to another person interested in the boat I now needed to get around the terrible downtown traffic.  I ended up taking a rural highway that kept me out of the congestion on I-5 and connecting with I-205.


Rural HWY 99E took my Northeast around the worst backups on I-5 and I-205.

Once east of Portland the I-84 cleared as I entered the Columbia River Gorge.


I-84 heading east out of Portland. Mt. Hood in the far background.


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