Traveling to California

A few weeks ago I attended a sailboat regatta on Monterey Bay, CA, called the Cruiser Challenge.  The sailing was good, though there were challenges, and I placed second in my boat class.

The drive to CA was a ‘speed run’ traveling 1400 miles in two days.


Western Colorado along Interstate 70.

hwy 50

Spring Valley Wind Farm along Hwy 50 in Nevada.

After a full day of driving I stopped for a short night in Ely, NV, on US 50.  The temps were in the 90s during the day but a few hours after dark cooled to comfortable temps.  By morning I was sleeping under a comforter.


Ely KOA campground.  WAY overpriced for what you get.  There are locations near Ely that are free or lower cost that I need to explore.

Up early, with tempatures quickly rising once the sun came up, I continued west on HWY 50.  I enjoy driving the ‘Loneliest Road in America‘ because the scenery, good road condition and lack of traffic.  NOTE: be sure to keep a close eye on the fuel gauge as the gas stations are few and far between.


Hwy 50 West heads down a steep winding switchback road with many hairpin turns into Austin, NV.


Little Den Fire near Eastgate, NV.  Sadly this fire was human caused.


Shoe Tree near Middlegate, NV.  ‘A shoe tree, not to be confused with the shoe-preservation device of the same name, is a tree that has been festooned with old shoes.’

I joined I-80 just east of Reno, NV, and thus begun the least enjoyable portion of the drive … the I-80 and the I-5 corridors in California.  The roads, in general are in poor condition, there is lots of traffic, and the drivers are rude.


Bumper to bumper slow traffic while going through Sacramento, CA.

I arrived in Monterey about 9pm.  There are few RV parks near the Monterey Marina, so I stay in an overpriced motel … when I say overpriced I mean I pay more for a long weekend in Monterey than I pay in campground fees during a year of traveling (a LOT more $$$).  The marina is also crazy about keeping people from staying overnight in campers in the parking lot EVEN if you are paying for a boat slip.

If you are interested in reading about my sailing adventures in Monterey here are links to those stories –


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