Again on the East coast

I have again visited the east coast of this nation. This time to Annapolis Maryland for the large sailboat show.


My sailboat display at the Annapolis Sailboat Show.


I also went for a sail on Spay Creek right next to the boat show site.

After a week in the old city now headed back West towards home via stops on the way.


Night time in Briarwood.


Currently in West Virginia at a wonderful campground I found many years ago called Briarwood State Park. Rustic location not all that large in a not all that large State Park. Nice tree surrounded camping spots that are kind of level. Good shower and bathroom facility, though old and well maintained. I’ve always had plenty of hot water during my visits.


The park is just off Interstate 64; only a couple of miles ‘out of the way’. A winding road with a low bridge as you get off the highway. Don’t believe it would be the best for a really long fifth wheel or trailer, but perfect for a truck camper pulling a small sailboat.


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