Weather routing

In addition to lots of traveling in the truck camper I am a sailor.  For this reason I constantly look at the weather to evaluate the sea state and wind conditions.

A large storm hit the California coast a few days ago.  It is traveling East across the Southern half of the country.  The Gulf Coast states have been hit hard with rain causing flooding and general mayhem.


This morning I back home to Colorado from Florida.  Because of the large swath of heavy rain I am going to head North to Atlanta and then turn West.  The hope is to avoid much of the rain, and the weather I do drive through will be for a shorter time.

To be honest another reason is to avoid problems with water and the camper.  The Caribou Lite’s soft-side windows tend to leak when driving through heavy rain.  This results in me having a wet bed.  I’ve read that it is not uncommon for folks to have this problem. Some report the issue comes from the seams not being sealed, and they have corrected the problem by running a bead of silicone along the offending areas.  I’m thinking of doing a the same and putting a gasket along the roof of the camper that seals the gap between top & bottom when the roof is down.

I’ve never had a leak with the Romain Chariot.

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