Little rain and Atlanta traffic

The drive yesterday was without rain until I arrived in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The rain was heavy, it was after sunset, and motivated me to find a place to stop for the night. Another bonus was when I popped the top and settled in my bed was dry.

Traffic along Interstate 75 was nothing out of the ordinary. As expected I found heavy traffic in Atlanta. Took me more than an hour to drive about 20 miles. I’ll never live in a large city.


Miles of backup on I-285 and I-75 going through Atlanta.

Of all the times I’ve been through Atlanta it reminds me of driving into Chicago. Not quite as bad because the sprawl around Atlanta is not as large as Chicago’s. But man it’s close and I don’t like driving through this city.

Stopped yesterday at lunch time to grocery shop as the shelves were getting there in the camper. Saw this interesting Samuel Adams offering: Rebel Grapefruit IPA –


I really like IPAs and grapefruit. So I bought this. I found it really good. The grapefruit mellows the IPA side and gives a not-too-sweet overtone to the beer. I would say this is a good beer for a hot summer day. Drink it slowly though, it has a 6.3 alcohol content so it has a kick.

The forecast West of me is for rain in various intensity levels and percentages. The hope is I’ll get through the worst of the band and stay mostly dry as I get on Interstate 70 and head West towards home in Colorado.


Sunrise west of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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