Crossing TX in January

In late January 2016 on the way home from Florida I crossed the very large state of Texas.

During ‘the crossing’ I stopped once in the state: a semi-truck parking area west of Ozona.  I usually don’t stop in this type of ‘rest area’ but it was SNOWING, dark and the road was icing … not good driving conditions.  Nothing in this location but parking; not even a bathroom.  The lot isn’t all that flat so I leveled the truck, almost, with the Lynx Levelers and cooked dinner.  It was cold, in the high 20s, so the camper’s heater was used to stay comfortable.  One thing I need to get is insulating squares to put in the roof vent openings as in cold weather a distinct draft comes from these locations.

semi truck parking area

Nothing fancy in this ‘parking area’.

In the morning after breakfast I continued West.  I’m glad I stopped when I did as the amount of snow along the road spoke to the poor weather overnight.

snow in TX

Yes, snow in TX.  This elevation in this area of the state is over 2000′.

Interstate 10 in Texas is in general well maintained.  Traffic is heavy through the large cities.  Elsewhere there are not many vehicles with the majority being semi-trucks.

After a full day of driving my ‘TX experience of note’ was West of El Paso …

in-country boarder check

The ‘citizen check’ station … I was waved through and didn’t even need to show ID or stop.

When diving into this stop one passes by a huge bank of cameras.  These take photos of you, the vehicle and license plate.


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