Holiday Season and leave no trace

Time to load up the camper and head to the Pacific Northwest to see family and friends – most are of the same group 😉

I am really needing this trip.  Been a tough 1/2-year and two weeks ago all things work REALLY sucked.  Things have improved, but still challenging.

One thing hit me as I browsing the www-this morning – what other campers will I see/meet during the trip?  In general late-fall, winter and early-spring most folks don’t camp, especially were it is cold (I enjoy cold weather camping).  As I imagined the people I will meet/see my mind came into focus on how some folks seem to fall into the ‘dirty camper’ type.

trashy bus

I passed the above bus during a trip this past July ’17.  The bus was filled with what seemed to be a family: two adults and a bunch of kids.  On the back of the bus were various ‘biofuel’ stickers and it was going down the road at a fuel efficient speed of about 55 MPH.  I thought it all very cool.

Many hours after I passed the bus I pulled into the above truck stop and stayed the night.  The bus arrived and parked just a few spaces over from where I was ‘camped’.

The above photo was taken in the morning.  I took the photo because of the garbage you see around the bus’s door.  I also took the photo just after one of the adults had opened the door and threw a bunch of garbage onto the ground.  IT PISSED ME OFF.  This is why I took the photo.  B.S. like this is why campers are frowned upon.  I was raised, and the people I camp with have #1 rule – LEAVE THE CAMP IN BETTER CONDITION THAN WHEN YOU ARRIVED.   This ‘prime directive’ means that you WILL clean up the mess left by the prior camper.  I follow this rule when I camp in the woods or even in a truck stop.  I LEAVE NO TRACE.

Anyhow, with the above now ‘off my chest’ I look forward to traveling in the truck camper for a couple of weeks.

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