New record for overnight low staying in the camper is now -6. This is what the truck’s outside temp gauge stated two hours after I got up. It was cold in the camper as I was boondocking (ie, ‘camping’ with no water/electricity/sewer hooksups) in a Town Pump truckstop in Missoula, Montana.



Overnight I did wake up once because I was chilly.   Found that while sleeping I had knocked off the sleeping bag. Once it was back in place I slept fine. Momma Kitty was well buried under the comforter & sleeping bag  next to me keeping warm.

When I woke up for the day the inside of the camper was freezer cold at three degrees. The heater ran for close to an hour to get things toasty warm. I crawled back under the covers for a bit until the camper was above freezing.


Camper window with thick frost.


Sun comes up slowly and cold in the winter.


Wide open spaces.


Drinking water in the truck cab … more on why I do this in an upcoming post.

The next stop was in Sheridan, Wyoming, and another cold one. This time in a Walmart parking lot.


Momma Kitty curled up and keeping warm.

The overnight temp was forecast to rise from a low of six degrees when I went to sleep to 15-16. When I woke up the camper was 20 degrees. Though much warmer than the night before I did crawl back under the covers after starting the heater to give it ten minutes to begin warming the camper.


This Walmart has no free Internet nor does the in-store Subway have wifi … welcome to a ‘big’ city in Wyoming. I’ve been without the Internet now for 40 hours. Part of me is missing the ‘news of the world’; the other, larger, part has like being disconnected.

The Wyoming stop was the last night of the trip. A large part of me wanted to stay on the road; keep the boat hooked up an head to the gulf coast to go sailing. Don’t think my boss would be all that happy if I had done that! I find this thought in my head the last day or two of any trip. All the work getting ready for a trip is stressful; but once on the road it is a joy. I like being out and driving, or sailing, the landscape. MUCH better than sitting in my office or staying in the house.



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