Well well … really?!

For a few days I was in Port Townsend, WA, attending a boat show.  I usually stay in the Point Hudson RV park, located on the grounds of the Point Hudson Marina.  Well, that didn’t happen as my reservation was lost.  I found another, most rustic but FREE, location for overnighting in the truck camper.

The boat show was right next to Point Hudson, why I wished and have stayed there in the past.  Parking is difficult in Port Townsend and there is a parking lot that most don’t know about at Point Hudson right next to the Cupola House.  So I parked where I have parked may times with not a hassle.  Not this time.  After a day at the show I found this on the camper –

no campers

Well well … I was just parked.  Same as the other dozen vehicles (mostly trucks) that DIDN’T get the notice (and by the way over half of those vehicles were there when I parked mid-morning and were still there when I left early evening as this is parking lot used by folks visiting the extension and visiting the marina).  Good show Point Hudson!  Parking is permitted here … it is a public parking lot!  I do ‘get it’ if I set up camp or remained there overnight (which, by the way, overnight parking IS PERMITTED as it is a marina parking lot).  Seems a ‘security guard’ with a big ego need to throw his/her control around.


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