Thinking About Safety

A couple of years ago when stopping in Monterey, CA, for a sailboat regatta my old camper, the Roamin Chariot, was broken into while in a hotel parking lot.  I was lucky in the thieves only got away with some Sage Marine promo items and my box of crappy tools (they missed the things that were actually worth money … and the most valuable items were in locked in the hotel room and boat).  The greatest issue was the camper’s rear door window was broken.

The following list of helpful ideas on keeping the stuff in the camper safe comes from Ben and Leah of Kombi Life fame –

A snip from the article:

Magnetic Lockable Key Case

This may seem like it should not be an essential Van Life gear item but trust us, it is. … This is a great and cheap way to keep a spare key hidden. And if someone happens to have found your secret case, no need to worry, it’s lockable so only you can open it!

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