Kansas’s Lake Wilson

The last camping place on this latest road trip was at Lake Wilson in Kansas.  Just a few miles North of I-70 this large man made lake offers many campgrounds.  I choose to stay in the Wilson State Park .  The park has many ‘sub’ campgrounds (I would call the loops) from full hookup  to rustic.  I choose rustic to save money.

After some maneuvering to get the rig in a ‘close to level’ location I, and Momma Kitty, enjoyed a nice evening and a wonderful sunset.

camper at lake

Nice view of the lake.


Sun sets over Kansas.

This is Kansas and the wind can BLOW.  Overnight it only blew so not uncomfortable being in a location unprotected from the wind.  Rained, lightly, a few times overnight.

Sunrise wasn’t much to photograph as clouds came in overnight.  Star gazing was OK for about an hour after sunset then the the clouds filled in.

Lake Wilson has good fishing, boating and hiking trails.  There is even a 21 mile mountain bike loop (back in the 80s and 90s I was big into mountain biking).

I got the sense that the lake’s many campgrounds are busy during the spring, summer and fall season so plan ahead and reserve a spot.  My visit in early March was great as only a few campers.  I also was treated with nice weather … March could easily have been freezing with snow.  I experienced mid-60s when I arrived and overnight temps in the low 50s.

My decision to take this ‘Northern route’, North out of Florida to Atlanta to St. Louis and then west on I-70 to avoid the large storm along the Gulf was the right choice.  I experienced moderate temperatures and only intermittent rain.  Taking I-10, I-20, or I-40 West would have sent me right through the worse of the weather.

The final 400 miles home were mostly uneventful.  One idiot driver and strong headwinds through Western Kansas until I was West of Limon, Colorado.  There is a reason this stretch of I-70 is surrounded by windmills!  Truck kept shifting down to 4th to keep going 65mph.  Mileage was low as a result – 8-9MPG; usually get between 11 and 12MPG.


Windmills along I-70.

The Caribou Lite is now off the Tundra for the first time since late September.  During this latest trip a total of 4243 miles in eleven days.  Since September Momma Kitty and I have traveled  over 20,000 miles and been to the East Coast four times and the West Coast twice.


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