Only a little rain

So far the daytime driving has only seen a little bit of light rain. Last night, when I arrived at Graham cave State Park Missouri, it did start to rain lightly. It came off and on through the night, and really came down for about two hours beginning at 5 a.m.

So far I’m happy with my choice to ‘Route North’, so to speak, to avoid the heavy rains and flooding in the Gulf Coast States. From the news it seems to be a mess in many areas and I’m glad I’m not clogging the roadways down there during this crisis.

In general traffic for this western migration has been much heavier than I’ve experienced before along with this same route, including Interstate 64 and now Interstate 70. This has been somewhat of an annoyance as the usual driver is fairly clueless to how their behavior affects others on the roadway. I’ve had no terrible close calls, just some ‘Road idiots’.


An intensely red sunset heading west out of St Louis Missouri.

The campground I spent last night is called Graham Cave State Park. It is just off Interstate 70 off the Frontage Road (west of Danville, north of Mineloa). You can just hear the highway noise in the background and it is not at all intrusive.

The park is in a hardwood forest. It is an older design therefore the sites are rather cramped for larger rigs. Camping pads are not very level so be prepared to do some blocking to sleep on a flat bed. Tested four sites until I found one level enough I could level the truck camper.


Not a busy Campground, especially on a rainy Saturday morning in early March.

Everything is well maintained and the roads are all paved, including the site pads. 


During my stay the bathhouse and Main bathroom were closed for the off-season so I used one of the outhouses.


The local knowledge States the park is never that busy, so a good very low cost spot to stop when passing through Central Missouri on Interstate 70.

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