Winter weather art

Drove through a light ice storm yesterday as I head to the sunshine state of Florida. Here are photos of nature’s artwork on the truck and boat trailer

Yesterday late afternoon I crossed the weather line between the cold and warm. In a matter of seconds the temperature went from 38 degrees to 68 degrees, according to the truck’s dashboard thermometer.  In that transition  all of the windows in the truck suddenly fogged over.  Not slowly, but ‘bam’ …  couldn’t see out the front window. Definitely a  dividing line between  the weather systems.

Spent last night in a truck stop parking lot.


Chilly, dark and rainy night.

The cold front caught up with me and the temperatures drop back into the mid 30s. This came with heavy rain that continued through the night and this morning. Comfortable in the caribou light camper. Heater running occasionally and a warm bed.

– Dave

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