Dead battery and uncaring attitudes

Since November 2019 the Tundra has had three batteries. In 2019 I found the battery dead dead and dead. A few days ago, 17 months later, once again the battery is dead with not even a glimmer of juice. Battery #2 was replaced at no charge. How long will #3 last? When driving a Ford Ranger, the first lasted nine years and the second 10. Toyota needs to be using better batteries.

TrueStart … yeah, right!

In camping news there is increased problems with camping on public lands. Rowdy groups, leaving trash, and staying too long in one location (aka taking up residence in public land). I foresee more public places being closed.

I have no immediate plans to go camping. Just way to many people out in spaces. I dislike crowds, their disturbing noise and inevitable destruction and trash. There is also the lack of masking when making the stops to get gasoline and shopping … this lack of concern for others seems to be worse in rural areas.

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