Coronavirus Travels

Last week I traveled from Arizona to Washington State. Didn’t camp as I caravaned with my dad. I didn’t want to leave Arizona. The trip was forced by health insurance: needing to visit doctors and limits being away from the state to keep coverage. Phoenix had also started to become uncomfortably hot so going to a cooler and greener location is welcomed.

The traffic in Utah and Idaho was heavy, maybe even heaver than usual in the rural areas. The residents of these two states seemed particularly not to be taking few steps to limit the spread of illness. The locals were not wearing mask nor in general following social distancing rules. The only visible evidence of anti-virus efforts was restaurants only allowing takeout. All very disturbing and makes me worried about my and my dad’s health – we ten days after travel no symptoms.

Busy truck stop in Willard, Utah. I have stopped at this location many times and this is busier than normal. Clearly residents are not staying home!

Passing through Nevada traffic was light and almost non-existent in Los Vegas. Passing through the Tri-Cities, Yakima, Ellensburg and over Snoqualmie Pass of Washington State the traffic levels were not much lower than normal.

In contrast Seattle has taken social distancing seriously and traffic levels approaching the city and passing through were like on a Christmas morning – this was at 5PM on a weekday! I’ve only experienced less traffic driving through a large city, Chicago, three days after 9/11.

During the AZ to WA trip I cooked breakfast in the camper and brought it into the motel room for my dad. Lunches were made and eaten in the camper at truck stops – first was Kingston, AZ, second Willard, UT, and third a rest area near La Grande, OR.

Because of the lack of social distancing by patrons at truck stops and rest areas I started using the camper’s toilet … my dad did’t want to hassle with the camper so he used the inside plumbing – he was wearing a mask. I made him wash his hands when he returned to his car even though he had just washed in the bathroom. I pumped my dad’s gas.

We have now sheltered north of Seattle. My sister did some shopping so we have groceries. When she visited a few days after we arrived sis’ stood a good 10′ away from the patio while dad and I stayed behind the screen door. A family get together is planned for this upcoming weekend where her household will have their food and table where dad & I bring our own food and sit at our own distant table. The visit and meal will be outside only. This will be strange but is the new normal.

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus Travels

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  2. Interesting blog you’ve got 🙂 I don’t know how the covid-19 situation unfolds in the States since I’m not from there, but it seems that you guys are still able to travel (at least by road) to neighboring state then? Anw, greetings from a new follower!


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