Cold War

I’m in Colorado purging my remaining collection of personal items that were used when I lived in an apartment. Sell and donating, sadly mostly donating as I could use the money, my furniture; and giving away many other things like kitchen stuff, as no space in the camper nor the sailboat.

With friends went to one of the Atlas SM-65 missile silos north of Denver.

The large blast door to the missile bay. The smaller ‘human sized’ door is the staff entry door.
The old unit insignia and a painting of an Atlas missile.
Entry tunnel.
Mock-up of an Atlas MS-65 as it looked in the missile bay.

These silos were in operation from late 1959 through 1965. This silo was activated in 1961. The tour guide stated the missile from this silo was used to launch a satellite into orbit – nice it was used for something that didn’t bring an end to the world.

The location also has a campground, no reservations, so one can visit and stay on-site (June- September). Details –

Silo tours are by prior arrangement only. The above link has contact information to schedule a visit.

It has been chilly with snow during my Colorado stay.

A large icicle hanging off the truck camper.

This upcoming week is suppose to be warmer and dryer. This will be helpful as I sort through and dispose of my prior life’s possessions.

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