Settling in without staying in one place

Getting reacquainted with the camper. Since May ’18 I’ve been living afloat on a sailboat so I’m a bit out of practice on doing some things with the camper.

Winter in southern Idaho.

My food stores are miss-sized being those from the boat. This means items are to large and taking up to much space. Annoying in that things seem disorganized.

A ‘more cow bell’ lunch at a Pilot truck stop.

The sink’s faucet has a fault. It will not pump water most of the time. I need to figure out if it just the switch at the faucet, wiring between switch and the pump, or the pump. (My initial thought is the switch.)

The kitchen sink surrounded by to-large bottles.

Woke up today with a few inches of snow.on the camper. Not terribly cold, only 28; which is much warmer than it can be mid-January near Salt Lake City. The camper’s heater is working great!

Boondocking camping at a FlyingJ truck stop

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