Ruining the wilderness

During my years of outdoor travel and boondocking the problem of campground destruction has only gotten worse. I read the following on Rova Magazine’s BLOG that covers the problem and the increased use seen on public lands –

sadly some lack respect for the outdoors. Too often, I’ve pulled up to a boondock site only to find it trashed. Abandoned tents, camp chairs, and foam mattresses are left behind, not to mention wads of used toilet paper tangled in the bushes and a variety of debris left in campfires (aluminum cans and glass bottles don’t belong there!). On “lucky” occasions, the garbage will be bagged as if waiting for the BLM trash pick-up service to come by (it doesn’t exist). Other full-timers have come across trashed TVs and abandoned RVs, left by people who treat our pristine landscapes as their personal landfill.

Read the entire piece here –

My rule has always been leave the campsite cleaner than it was found. Sadly many don’t ‘get it’.

2 thoughts on “Ruining the wilderness

  1. Yes it is sad and frustrating. After I posted the above comes the information of the damage done on Federal Lands and Parks during the stupid government shutdown –

    hope the person(s) responsible for the above, and done in other locations, spend a special amount of time in hell for what they have ruined for future generations.


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