New Ford Ranger

I just read a short article that stated the new 2019 re-release Ford Ranger will only be available with a small 4-cylinder ‘ecoboost’ engine. Well – my first Ranger had a 3-liter V6 and it couldn’t go highway speeds in a Minnesota headwind. This was without the Roamin Chariot camper in the bed! For a few years I drove a old 4-banger Ranger for work and that truck was just gutless having no capacity to tow, haul or even accelerate to highway speeds.

Ford states the new motor has the greatest torque of any small truck. I’m doubtful this new truck will duplicate the performance of my second Ranger (4L standard shift 4×4) where I could pull a 2300# boat with the RC camper in the bed.

I admit 99% if folks never towed or hailed as much as I did/do. I don’t see this new re-released Ranger as being a truck for people wanting a truck that can do truck things. Maybe fine for people that drive trucks for looks (which is the really for most truck owners).

I will give Ford props for the 10-speed auto gearbox in the new Ranger. Though I do really prefer standard shift vehicles.

I’m not looking for a new truck as the Toyota Tundra is a good fit for me and the Caribou Lite.

3 thoughts on “New Ford Ranger

  1. Dave, I have read about the relatively new (probably out a couple of years now) ecoboost 2.7L that Ford developed from the ground up specifically for trucks. They have been offering it in the F150. For people that want a 1/2 ton truck just to get around town and haul stuff occasionally from the big box hardware stores, and still get decent mileage, to me it’s not a bad choice over the larger ecoboost or V8.

    Drop that 2.7L into a smaller, lighter Ranger and it could be a pocket rocket and OK for occasional towing up to 7K lbs.

    The thing about all ecoboost is that likely you can have one or the other: eco, or boost. When not under load, probably great gas mileage. When under load (towing and/or payload), the boost or power of a V6 or better with not-so-great gas mileage.

    I haven’t read about the new Ranger so thanks for posting as I am curious and will look into it. My older son had a Ranger with a V6 and automatic and, as reliable as it was, performance-wise as I recall it was kind of a dog.

    Hope you’re doing well…

    Best, Neil & Becky


  2. Well, I just looked up the new Ranger on the Ford website and I see that they are using a 2.3L Ecoboost, not the 2.7L (unless they offer it as an upgrade option)


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