Weekend mornings

chariot at camp spewey

Roamin Chariot camper on 1994 Ford Ranger at my boondock camp in Idaho.

Back in the 90s I worked in eastern Washington State.  The area I really enjoyed camping was in Idaho near Princeton and Harvard.  On a Friday mid-afternoon I would take off work early and drive to a boondocking campsite I had found in the Saint Joe National Forest.

st joe ntl forest

Saint Joe National Forest, Idaho.

On Saturday and Sunday morning I would wake to the sound of smells of the forest.   Making a strong cup of camping coffee on the Coleman white gas stove I would listen to National Public Radio Weekend Edition.

camp spewey

The camp kitchen and campfire.

This morning as I get settled into a Saturday of housework, after a busy workweek, I am listening to NPR and I flash back on the smell of a campfire & woods,  the feel of sun warming my skin sun through the trees and the taste of the coffee remain special to this day.

3 thoughts on “Weekend mornings

  1. Momma Kitty looks a lot like my cat that passed away in 2014. She hated riding in the car as does my current cat. How did you get your cat used to traveling? Btw, I am enjoying your photos and stories of the camping life, thank you.


    • I put it at 65% Momma Kitty’s willingness (ie, how she is) and 35% my steps to introduce her to the truck, camper and also my boats.

      A quick description is I stated just taking her to my truck and sitting in the driveway … no running engine, no radio, just me sitting with her starting for 5-10 minutes and working up to something like 30 minutes. this happened over a week or so. I then started the engine partway through one sitting. I increased engine running time to 10-15 minutes. then I drove around the block. Then further. Etc. Once she was mostly comfortable I then introduced her to the camper and also the … both slowly over time.

      Again, I have no doubt a lot of the success is just that Momma Kitty is willing to go along with the truck/camper/boat thing. I got ‘lucky’ in that she found me 🙂


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