My feelings exactly …

One of the ‘road warrior’ BLOGS I follow is ‘To Simplify’. For many years Glenn traveled with a cat, like I do with Momma Kitty.

relaxing momma kitty

Momma Kitty relaxing on the dinette seating.

Currently Glenn flies solo, but his adventures are good to follow … and in many ways what I wish I could do: work less and travel more.

One of his recent posts outlines my feelings about driving near or in L.A. CA.

tooling along the 210 in one of the middle lanes, just minding my own business, … (you can read the rest by clicking this link)


Soon I will be ‘tooling along’ to Lake Pleasant, AZ, to attend a sailboat regatta.  Will be nice to get out on the boat and spend over a week in the Caribou Lite.  Camper has been moved from my personal truck to the company truck.  A few moments ago I started up the fridge.  Now to fill the water tank, pack the food personal items and collect the cat.



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