Cold star filled night

I’ve traveled to eastern Washington and now in East Wenatchee.


Camped next to my friend Rick’s barn.

I drove from Seattle via Highway 2 over Stevens Pass.  A nice route, though mostly two lane road with opposing traffic.


Heading over Stevens Pass.


Took a short snowshoe hike to a friend’s small cabin with a great view –


View from the deck.


View from the kitchen window.


It has been very cold and I’ve worked to keep the camper warm for Momma Kitty as I’m out enjoying the area.  During the day I’m running both the electric heater with the camper’s propane heater set at low.  The camper has stayed at about 55 degrees (give or take some as the thermostat cycles).  This isn’t something I would do unless I was hooked to 110V as the propane heater is a electrical hog and would quickly drain the battery.

This morning the camper was 31 degrees with the electric heater running all night.  The outside air temp was 4 when I woke up.  Both Momma Kitty and I slept comfortably under the quilt and sleeping bag.  I turned on the propane heater before getting out of bed!

The skies are crystal clear and the nighttime stars and Milky Way are just amazing.  There is no light pollution were I’m staying and it is AMAZING!  So, as I can’t actually take a picture, this here is one from the Internet –



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