Just lookin’ for a little thing

Had an enjoyable morning walk along Port Townsend’s old main street.  Went out looking for a small calendar for the camper.


2016’s calendar hangs by the Caribou Lite’s door.

Many stores entered, many stores left empty handed.  Was amazed by the general lack of calendars, and none small in size.  Wouldn’t think the task would be that difficult.  When I cross back to the East side of Puget Sound I’ll look, sadly, at some ‘big box’ stores.

Been cold weather sailing the SageCat sailboat


I’m in the yellow slicker and friend Josh in the Orange.  Photo by Debra Colvin.

Yes it has been cold; but wearing many layers it hasn’t been bad … and there has been only one day of rain.  Sailing in December one can’t ask for better.  AND there is no water sailing in Colorado so this time in Port Townsend has been a big bonus for me.

I’m mostly over the cold … got off easy with this one I believe.  Just some residual ‘stuff’ in the nose and a very occasional cough.


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