I have a cold

Seeing one’s family is great … but catching all their bug is not! The negative to us humans interacting and hugging is we exchange germs. My head is stuffed full of ‘nasty’ and my body aches. Classic cold.


Christmas morning excitement!  NOTE: it is still dark outside as in Seattle sunrise isn’t until after 8AM.

Took the ferry across Puget Sound to the Olympic Peninsula and then drove to Port Townsend, WA.


The GARMIN tracking as the ferry crosses from Edmonds to Kingston.

I’ve said it before … I LOVE THIS TOWN! Weather is ‘PNW Winter’: chilly with highs about 40 and lows about 35, cloudy and occasional rain. Port Townsend does have occasional sun breaks as the area is partially in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains.

When I arrived in town I launched the boat and motored her to Point Hudson Marina. After registering the the boat and getting a spot for the truck and Outfitter Caribou Lite I walked the about 1.5 mile walk back to the launch at Boat Haven Marina. I collected the truck/camper and did the shopping and then to Point Hudson to set up camp.


Boat at the dock in Point Hudson Marina.

Camping isn’t fancy at Point Hudson … I don’t mind. Power, water, and a toilet dump make this location ‘fancy’ in my book. The location is amazing with the marina next door and the view of Admiralty Inlet, Puget Sound, is perfect.


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