Keeping my head in the game

I’m on the road heading for the Pacific Northwest. Weather has been cold, but overall cooperative.

No icy roads or snow until I got to the Columbia River and am now wake to an icy wintry mix.


One thing about a popup camper is you need to remember to put the top down before you begin driving. I have forgotten to put the top down a few times when I had my Roman Chariot. Never driven more than maybe half a block each time, but still you sit there after youand wonder ‘what was I thinking’.

Yesterday morning broke camp from a rest area in Utah: drop the top, set the fridge, get truck off leveling blocks, and the other things necessary to get ready to roll. In all of that forgot to latch the top. After driving two or three or so miles that deep part of my brain said, ‘hey you forgot to lock the top.’

I pull over to the side of the road and the roof is half lifted and the sidewall sticking out. I get the top up and then put down correctly and see no damage to the soft walls. I was LUCKY!

It is things like this why pilots have checklists and call-outs to confirm that all things are done properly before takeoff, landing etc. Maybe I need to start doing the same as it is obvious my head wasn’t in the game yesterday morning.


One thought on “Keeping my head in the game

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