Pack sort and prep

Heading to the Pacific Northwest for some family Holiday time.  While in the greater Seattle areas will also put in some hours of work.


Some of the boats I build in the boathouse.

Weather has turned a bit nicer after a week of cold and a couple of snow storm.  Both snow incidents were normal for the Denver area and moved through quickly. Example:  the temps this past weekend were in the single digits, plus and minus, and today it was in the mid-50s.

Denver snow and cold

Quick storm came through this past Friday night. 3″ or so was forecast … got close to a foot.  Yes, to the right in the picture are truck and the camper.

The mountain passes look good for heading west as there are no significant weather warnings.


I have chains for the truck (real ones, not cable chains) and chains (cable chains in this case) for the trailer (worse case situation if the trailer tries to slip and slide).

The camping during this trip will be ‘cold winter type’.  I’m expecting below freezing temperatures at night until I reach the PNW … and then nights will be very close to freezing.  Travel this time of year one also is getting up in the dark, breakfast in the dark, starting travel in the dark, and then driving in the dark after the short daylight period.  Wednesday, 21 Dec. ’16, is the shorted day of the Northern hemisphere year.

Besides packing the camper, collecting Christmas gifts, doing a last load of laundry and getting the cat prepared; I’m updating the Garmin’s map database.  This is a ssssllloooowwwww process.  Garmin’s servers are not the fastest so getting the database downloaded takes over an hour (this is even though I have a FAST Internet connection).  Once the database is downloaded it takes another 45 or so minutes for the computer to ‘prepare’ the file and then load it to the Garmin unit.

Will be towing a SageCat Sage 15 for this trip.  Going to be sailing around Port Townsend, WA, after Christmas and then Lake Washington, on the eastern side of Seattle, after New Years.  Besides some truck camping the plan is for Momma Kitty and I to spend a night or two on the boat.



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