A modern Roamin’ Chariot

Yes our modern society bombards us with information.  Our phones are no longer stupid and they send us information constantly based on our browsing activities and where our phone is used (ain’t that GPS great!).

My phone knows that I travel a lot and use a truck camper as I roam.  Today one of the ‘hey read this’ suggestions was Escaping the everyday: 2016’s best motorhomes and adventure vehicle hardware (to be honest I usually skip these as most are ‘click bait’).  The words that caught my eye were ‘escape’ and ‘adventure vehicle’ … OK I’m a sucker.  The post by New Atlas (their website reminds me of a more consumer focused WIRED) had one vehicle that caught my eye –

NOW THIS I’M LIKING!  The above, to me, IS a modern update of a Roamin’ Chariot!

elk meadow 061106 1 - small

Camping in Elk Meadow, WA in 2006 (near Cle Elum, WA)

New Atlas states in their review, ‘…without the massive size or exorbitant price tag.’  Well in my world a small slide in truck camper that starts at $36,000 gets very close to being exorbitant.   In 1998 I paid $3,500 for the Roamin’ Chariot (RC), being equal to about $5,100 today.  Yes, the RC was very simple with just a bed, light, cabinet and awning.  BUT the EarthCruiser GZL is REALLY cool!

Interior of the GZL. Source: http://earthcruiser.com/


There are also a video series on YouTube that details the camper features and options –


EarthCruiser is Australian but has a branch in Bend, Oregon.

2 thoughts on “A modern Roamin’ Chariot

  1. Hey Scoob, I really enjoy your blog. As you say Earthcruiser is Australian but that ‘modern roamin chariot’ is actually made here in France where it’s known as Gazell (http://www.gazell.fr). It’s still exorbitantly priced though – a nice piece of kit but way too much money!


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