More fun in Port Townsend and then home

Had a great second week in Port Townsend, WA, attending the pre-start and start to Race to Alaska (R2AK).  Such a fun town.

start r2ak 1

People gathered at the Northwest Maritime Center to watch the R2AK start.

start r2ak 2

The racers sailing about prior to the start.

After the race started I took my last sail on the bay and then loaded the boat back on the trailer and then Colorado bound.

sage 15 sloop

Sage 15 sloop sailing on Port Townsend Bay, WA.

heading back to CO

Boat on trailer and ready to head to Colorado.

For this leg of the trip I headed east on Interstate 90 through eastern Washington, Idaho, Montana and then south on Interstate 25 through Wyoming and home to Colorado.

snowqualmie pass

Heading up  Snoqualmie Pass, WA.

eastern WA

Eastern Washington along I-90.

For the first night I stopped in one of my favorite campgrounds: Quarts Flats in MT.  This is a USFS campground about 30 minutes west of Missoula. A great ‘overnight’ place to stop along the Interstate system … well spaced spots, just off the I-90 (take the Quartz Flat Rest Area exit) and on I-90.


Hey Beavis … 

bit of propane

Propane time.

crow nation sunset

Sunset in Crow Nation, MT.

7 ranch campsite

The second night of the drive home was spent in 7th Ranch RV Park, Crow Nation (technically listed as Gerryowen), MT.  Nice location though way overpriced (because near Custer Little Big Horn Battlefield).





Have some work to do on the Caribou Lite

  • I ran out of propane, poor planning on my part, and kicked on the 12V to keep the fridge cool until I could get the tank filled.  The 12V didn’t work!  Now I need to figure out why.
  • Complete the fix to the dinette table using bedding compound.
  • Still have the problem with the water pump not self priming … the pump actually worked fine for the first 2/3rd of the trip and then started not priming during the two stops in MT.
  • I’m hoping to get the 2016 Tundra set up with camper tie downs and air bags soon so I can go camping with the new truck.

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