Still in Port Townsend, WA

Well … I did leave P.T for a few days to visit with family in Seattle and Tacoma.

ferry 1

Loading onto the ferry at Kingston, WA.

ferry 2

Truck & camper the ferry.


Seattle, WA, as seen from I-5.


While in Seattle I saw my nephew perform in his 7th grade band –



Father’s day was a good time spent with, who else, my Dad in addition to my brother-in-law, his Dad, and extended family.  My sister did a great job duplicating my Mother’s special baked beans recipe –


Today, Monday 20 June ’16, I headed back to Port Townsend via a ferry ride and across the Hood Canal Bridge –

ferry 3

On the ferry headed to Kingston from Edmonds, WA.


Still some snow on the Olympic Mountains as seen from the Hood Canal Bridge.

I will be in Port Townsend through the start to Race to Alaska.  Besides enjoying the pre-race activities I’ll be sailing on the prototype Sage 15 sloop –

After two attempts I have a working temporary fix to the Caribou Lite’s dinette table. When I return to Denver in a few weeks I’ll fix it permanently (I hope).

To provide myself more ways to charge electronics I’ve purchased two power ‘expanding’ devices for the Caribou Lite –

power ports

One is a 12V power adapter that creates 5 USB charging ports.  The second is a 110V adapter that creates 2 110V plugs and two USB charging ports.  I’ll report back on how these two items work out.


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