RVs are not built like boats

Yesterday evening when I stopped traveling for the day I moved things around to get settled and find that most of the screws that hold the table to its post have fallen out. This must be from road vibration caused by traveling about 40,000 miles since the Caribou Lite waa purchased January 2015.



Screws falling out do to vibration.

In a boat-building situation, which is what I do professionally, these screws would have at minimum been put into place with a bedding compound so they don’t vibrate loose. The screws on this table or just drilled into the fiberglass top. Vibration and time means they’ve all fallen out and stripped their holes.

Task is now to find slightly larger screws, likely #10s, and some bedding compound to conduct a fix.

Hope the table doesn’t fall off while eating dinner. I’ve propped it in place with some items so as not to cause more damage (I hope).

3 thoughts on “RVs are not built like boats

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