Interstate 10

Heading west along the gulf coast.


Florida sunset east of Tallahassee.

Winter weather has given me the range of experiences: wind, rain, cold, warm.  Two nights ago I went to sleep under a quilt and sleeping bag as the temp was in the high 30s.  Momma Kitty also went under the covers.  At 4am woke up sweating as the temp was in the high 50s.


Horace Wilkinson Bridge across the Mississippi River.

Yesterday it was in the low 70s.  Last night it was only in the mid 60s.  As the sun raised a heavy rain has begun falling … Just in time to break camp.


Atchafalaya Basin Bridge between Baton Rouge and Lafayette Louisiana.

Today I begin my east to west ‘crossing’ of Texas.  1100 miles.  BIG state.

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