CO – OK – TX – AL – MS – LA – FL

On the road to Florida (FL).


Mobile, Alabama (AL)

This is the same route, essentially, I drove in early December.  Stopping on a few places I did last month, and a couple I’ve not visited since last year.

Driving with a timeline so this means not spending any time enjoying each location … will do some sight seeing on the way back home.

One stop of note was at Tickfaw State park in Louisiana (LA).  Located south of I-12 between Baton Rouge and Ponchatoula (or a bit south a west of Springfield) this gem of a location is a great stop.  GARMIN has a bit of trouble getting one there (lots of rural routes … meaning small gravel roads … leads to suspect driving recommendations) but if you stick it out and stay on the paved roads well worth a visit.


Tundra, Caribou Lite camper and the brand new boat I’m delivering to Florida (FL).  This is Tickfaw State Park, Louisiana (LA).

Now this stop was ‘of note’ as when I took a look around in the morning (arrived in the mid-evening when it was dark and I was tired) I noticed that there was camouflage netting over the bridge heading to the campground.  With more looking a parking lot by the ‘canoe launch ramp’ was filled with camera equipment … large scale cameras like used on movies.  Asking around I find out that this is all for filming the remake of Roots, the 1970s blockbuster TV mini-series.  Cool to see this setup.  Not sure what I think about a re-make.

The weather during this trip has been cool to cold.  My first day the weather was below freezing in the 20s.  Woke up in Amarillo, TX, to this frosty landscape –

frosty boat

Freezing fog in Amarillo, Texas (TX).

I’ve stayed just ahead of a weather front, and lucky to be south of the big storm moving across the midwest to the north-central east coast.  As I type this a light rain is coming/going.  Tomorrow and Saturday the rain, thunderstorms and wind will be blowing in southern Florida (FL).

evening clouds

Evening clouds as I head east just in front of a weather system.

The other night Momma Kitty was very interested in the ‘critters’ outside the truck.  Not sure what she saw or heard … but she was REALLY interested in their activities –

momma checking out the outdoors

Momma Kitty is FOCUSED on something.  Note the ears and her tail is puffed up.


2 thoughts on “CO – OK – TX – AL – MS – LA – FL

  1. Hi Dave,

    Travel safe. Epic storm systems back East, as you know.

    The S17 looks very different with those Lewmar portlights instead of the trademark JM trapezoidal ones. Is that the new design, or just a one-off customer build request?




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