Cold and only one clean pair of underwear

Night before last I did some tossing and turning thinking about the issue with the Tundras 4 wheel drive system. Nothing like being on the road and having a mechanical issue crop up.

In the end there wasn’t an issue. I started up the Tundra and it made a beep noise it was in for low, which before it was saying, ‘I can’t get into any four-wheel drive but not out of four wheel drive.’ I moved the knob over to two wheel drive. The light went from 4low to 4high, a clunk heard under the truck, and then the indicator lights turned off. I did some short driving to confirm that the  front wheels were indeed no longer driving. They were not. Yeah! Now to have this subsystem checked during the truck service next week.

Leaving California I, in general, experienced heavier than usual traffic between South LA and Vegas. Traffic  was moving well for me, but I was limited by the California’s ‘don’t go  more than 55 rule’ when towing a trailer. Folks are still traveling for the holidays, and getting to Sin City for the New Year’s party.


Traffic heading west was very heavy ( the vehicles on the other side of the barrier are all standing still). So many miles of long backups. Also saw a couple of accidents.


Last night received about half an inch of light fluffy snow. NOAA reported it was 10 degrees when I got up.


Half an inch of fresh snow and 10 degrees in southwestern Utah.

I chose to stay in a KOA so I could have a electric hookup and run the electric heater. I also wanted a shower in KOAs you usually have good facilities, which I experienced in this Cedar City.

Doing a a clean clothing inventory I have one clean light t-shirt, to medium weight long sleeve shirts, pair of pants, two sets of socks, and one pair of underwear. Guess it’s time to be getting home.

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