In California, truck trouble

Since mid December have driven across the country from Florida to Seattle and now in Southern California. More details to come on the middle adventures, this post will cover the current challenge.


Driving into Los Angeles through atrocious traffic. In this photo creeping along under 5 miles an hour. Took more than 90 minutes to travel 20 miles.

At the current camping location needed to level the truck as it is a parking lot at a business. Here to pick up a brand new design of a boat trailer for the Sage 15 sailboat.

When I say level, I mean the lot is not at all flat.  I put out a tall stack of the leveling blocks. To get up on the blocks my system is to put the truck into 4 low and back up onto them with no trouble. This I did. When attempting, again attempting, to get the truck out of four wheel drive it refused. Tried this and that to get it to go back into two wheel drive including cycling the circuit by taking out the fuse, driving around a gravel lot, and even on the street (this is not good for four wheel drive systems).

So, after about 45 minutes of trying to get the truck to become a two wheel drive machine again I said ‘screw it;’ and parked it back on the blocks and made dinner and had a couple of beers.

It is now morning, & I hope the truck has a better attitude. I’ll try to get it out of 4 wheel drive and if not it looks like we’ll have to find a local repair shop and hope it’s nothing more than just some stupid solenoid that is locked. How I miss the old standard shifters and manual hubs.


Making a good breakfast in the hopes the truck cooperates and goes out of four wheel drive.


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