On the road in Oregon

Since my last post I have traveled back home to Denver. After the month in Colorado I’ve returned to the Pacific Northwest.  Currently in a campground south of Eugene Oregon. Pulling the boat,  a Sage 17, headed for Monterey California to take part in a small boat gathering and regatta, the Cruiser Challenge.

Last weekend I was in Port Townsend Washington. Attended Pocket Yacht Palooza. This is a small boat oriented show where boat builders and companies display and discuss their small trailerable sailboats. This year there were a couple of small cruising power boats.

One challenge when traveling is finding a wifi connection enabling me to use the full website editor. As a result I’m going to do shorter posts and a later summary of what I have done during my pop up camper adventures. Without a wifi connection I can’t edit my photographs, so these short post won’t have images (sorry about that).  In summary posts I will have images that relate back to the ‘unphotoed’ posts.

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