Sorry for being quiet for so long

I’ve been busy with work and just completed another trip in the Caribou 6.5.  I will post more about my February 2015 trip in a couple of days and then will detail my latest travels.

here are some ‘teaser’ pictures from my latest, April 2015, trip –

dirty snow

jack london square

sunrise in nevada

– Dave


4 thoughts on “Sorry for being quiet for so long

  1. Dave,

    you posted a photo of the side of your roof, showing the skirting removed. Please tell me that is not composition board that I am looking at! The mottled color suggests it is not plywood underneath. Did they seal it with epoxy, varnish or anything?

    What prompted you to remove the skirting? Are you dealing with a rust problem?




  2. Neil: responding here so other will know – the top picture in this post shows the front of the camper covered with dirty snow. One of many pictures I will elaborate on as I report on my past travels.

    the skin (roof & walls) of the Outfitter is fiberglass that is bonded by vacuum bagging to the frame (aluminum) and insulation.


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