Starting the blog … a beginning

I have been ‘slide-in pop-up truck campering’ since 1998.  Until 2011 the camping was done as recreation.  With a new job I have started to ‘camp’ as part of my work.  Over the last four years I have spent an average of 40 nights each year in my Roamin Chariot camper.

Visiting Roosevelt Natl. Park in June 2006

One of many trips with the Roamin Chariot to Roosevelt Natl. Park. This picture is from 2006.

My Roamin Chariot has crossed the continental United States eighteen times, gone on uncountable shorter trips, and has traveled about 150,000 miles on two different Ford Rangers.

I am currently in the process of purchasing a Outfitter Mfg Caribou 6.5 Lite camper.  This camper will be placed on the work truck, a Toyota Tundra, for business travels.

The purpose of this blog is to cover my camper travels from ‘where i went’ to ‘how i live in a camper’.

I hope you find my stories interesting and helpful.

– Dave


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